Worlds Best Hoof Oil
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About Worlds Best Hoof Oil - Hoof Care you can trust.

The Worlds Best Hoof Oil has 100% genuine, pure and undiluted natural ingredients and has been tested and used for over 50 years. With 5 natural Oils and Vitamins that absorb quickly and promote healthy hooves.
Ideal for any breed of horse that requires quick, strong healthy growth for work, ring, racetracks or pleasure.

Available Sizes: 500ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litres

The story of the Worlds Best Hoof Oil goes way back to 1898 when Peter Toogood was born.  His parents ran a 500-acre beef property, where he grew up until he was sent off for schooling in the city.
Peter was a fine student, and in the field of chemical science in particular, he was outstanding, however it was his love for the countryside and his passion for the horses (any horse, Clydesdales, Ponies, Mountain Horses and naturally the station and part time racing horse) that kept urging him to return.
He was a good rider, and this saw him take his chance in the rodeo ring as well as the "bush race" when and wherever he could find one.  It was while he was at one of these meetings with his Uncle Les that he first began to see that some of the horses had far better hooves that others, and he began to ask why, as these working horses worked on very rocky and rough countryside.
Uncle Les often had told him to look after his horses hooves, because as he put it very sternly, “NO HOOF, NO HORSE!” and it goes much further than just the hoof!  Uncle Les kept saying, “If the horse is bad in the hoof, he will begin to compensate in other areas of his body and become sore throughout the shoulder, the neck and spine and the sciatica’s.  In fact, as he pointed out so often, you feed your horse right, look after his feet, and you have most things covered, AND it cost’s you a whole lot LESS, because you’re not paying for the problems to be fixed”.
Peter was told that the horses he was asking about worked during the weekdays in a eucalyptus lumbering forest.  Armed with this information together with his excellent education and the aid of a school friend, who went on to become a veterinarian, and a local abattoirs, he began to work on a Hoof Paste that would help to grow a foot out and give it strength, so it could withstand the pressure of both work and play, an yet be pliable enough to withstand the loss of a shoe and not become too damaged on the mountain country before it could be reshod.  Again Uncle Les gave advice by saying, “Don’t make it into a wax or a heavy cream or lard, because it has got to soak into the hoof”.  Heavy creams/lards sit on the hoof and simply do not absorb like a light liquid can.
It was known back in those days that the likes of Tallow and Emu Oil were ideal for this area, however, the problem with both of these is that they would solidify, therefore become a heavy cream or lard AND THAT, Uncle Les, would never agree could ever work as well as a liquid.  Oils are far more expensive to make but costing a little more and working is far better than wasting your time and effort for half a job, besides in the end oil goes further so it lasts much longer, was told on many occasion.
Peter, after almost 2 years of testing and modifications to the formula, with advice from a farrier and his veterinary school friend, had come up with ‘Toogoods Hoof Oil’.  He was selling the hoof oil at General Feed Stores and all the shows, it didn’t take long before the orders started to come in via word of mouth, or by mail, for the ‘Best Hoof Oil’ and the ‘Best Hoof Oil In The World’, and so it was Peters own customers that changed and chose, the name of the product, because like the name says, it is the WORLDS BEST HOOF OIL. Silicone has been added to the original formula to provide even more protection, as has been the case for close to 50 years, the WORLDS BEST HOOF OIL offers a money back guarantee on any portion that is returned for any reason, mind you, as Peter once said, “People don’t return the oil… they buy more”… because it does exactly what it says it will do – works growing a strong healthy hoof with walls that any farrier will find a delight to work with, and the owner will have a happy horse that has every chance to stay sound.


Worlds Best Hoof Oil

Worlds Best Hoof Oil
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