Vetpro Nazal Eze
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Nasal-Eze is an effective product for horses where upper respiratory tract infections are a problem. 

Nasal-Eze is a 100% natural product.  It contains Menthol and 4 Volatile Oils in an anhydrous base.

This menthol gives a cooling sensation to irritated nasal membranes and also helps to clear the airways and bronchial passages.

Eucalyptus oil  is a useful expectorant, increasing the amount of respiratory secretions while at the same time exhibiting an antibacterial effect.

Tea tree oil is also an antibacterial agent but has the added benefit of an antifungal action. It is able to maintain this activity in the presence of nasal secretions. It also has a soothing action on the nasal membranes.

Oil of thyme has a significant antifungal effect due to the Thymol content.

Pine Oil possesses mild antiseptic properties.

These oils are formulated in a non-irritant anhydrous base that makes application to the inner nostril, easy and safe.
Nasal-Eze is recommended for horses suffering from upper respiratory tract infections.  A liberal amount should be applied  twice daily to the inside of each nostril.

It is also useful whenever horses are likely to pick up such infections. It should be used before transportation and anytime a horse is exposed to dusty or fungal spore condition.




Pine Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Thyme Oil

In an Anhydrous Base


Contains no prohibited substances.

Available Sizes: 250gm & 500gm


Vetpro Nazal Eze

Vetpro Nazal Eze
NZ $46.50 NZ $37.20 Save NZ $9.30 incl GST

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