Equibrew Probiotic
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EquiBrew is a fresh, multi-strain probiotic with very high levels of microbial numbers and activity along with the microbe's beneficial metabolites.
The products are independently tested for microbial viability and metabolites by Lincoln University so you can be confident they are getting the live microbes they are paying for.
The product is made with molasses as the main food for  the microbes but virtually zero residual sugar remains by the time the product reaches your shelves.
Most customers begin with a loading dose of 200ml twice daily for 5 days and 200ml once daily thereafter, slowly lowering the dose over time to find the correct maintenance dose for each individual horse. Most report a maintenance dose of about 100ml per day. During stress times (transport, competition, etc.) a higher dose may be used.
EquiBrew may be syringed directly or mixed with moist feed. Do not allow to dry out or expose to temperatures over 40 degrees. Store out of direct sunlight and tightly capped. Do not refrigerate.

Size: 1.25litre @ $25.00 , 4litre @ $75.00

NB  Why is a FRESH probiotic BEST?
You would not enjoy being freeze-dried and neither do microbes.
The process of freeze-drying damages the vast majority of the microbes being processed. Only 1/10th or even 1/100th for the microbes you start with will survive the process in a condition from which they may possibly be brought back to life.
The process of reanimating a freeze-dried culture takes another heavy toll with again only 1/10th to 1/100th of the microbes that may have been able to survive actually finishing the process in a condition where they can metabolize and reproduce.
The above means that only a tiny fraction, 1/100th to 1/10,000th, of the microbes that enter the freeze-drying process will ever wake up and get to work trying to be a probiotic. Further, this process takes time meaning that the tiny fraction of microbes that make it through the gruelling process can only benefit that lower part of the gut that they find themselves in once they get to work.
So what is different with EquiBrew?
EquiBrew is a live, active product with many billions of beneficial microbes actively doing what they do best in an environment chock full of the beneficial metabolites.
The live, active microbes in EquiBrew get to work from the moment you administer them to your horse. There is none of the lag time or massive losses associated with freeze-dried products. The microbes used in EquiBrew are selected to survive the rigors of the digestive system and they do their job on their entire trip through your horse’s gut.
EquiBrew contains large amounts of the beneficial metabolites that the microbes produce. These include volatile fatty acids that are very important to good nutrition. These compounds are entirely absent from freeze-dried products.
Billions of live, active beneficial microbes and their metabolites that get to work the moment you give EquiBrew to your horse.
Billions of damaged cells, only a fraction of which will ever survive and zero beneficial metabolites.

Equibrew Probiotic

Equibrew Probiotic
NZ $25.00 NZ $20.00 Save NZ $5.00 incl GST

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