Dynavyte NZ
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Dynavyte contains Humates which are derived from the decomposition of plant matter by millions of beneficial microbes (humification). The humates in DYNAVYTE are a rich source of plant derived phytonutrients and may promote optimum gut health and stimulate appetite.
DYNAVYTE also contains superior edible brown kelp called Ascophyllum Nodosum, sourced from the pristine Atlantic waters off the coast of Canada. The nutritionally beneficial components of this special kelp are well documented as are the wonderful health benefits of naturally occurring fucoidans and polyphenolic compounds found in this kelp.

It is highly bio available, being readily absorbed into the animals system.
Using Dynavyte in the appropriate doses may be beneficial in:
  • Stabilising the micro flora in the gut which may lead to an improvement in the animals behaviour
  • Assisting in improving food conversion which may lead to a reduction in feed costs
  • Boosting the immune system which may assist in allowing performance animals to cope with workloads
  • Providing the daily essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for good health and wellbeing of your animal
  • Supporting  broodmares and foals with their nutritional requirements in times of stress and need.
Dynavyte can be added to hard feeding regimes or applied directly over the tongue.
Many animals today, especially performance horses are administered a wide range of synthetic products for a variety of reasons and it has been noted that horses using Dynavyte for the first time may initially scour as some of the ingredients may be very useful in assisting in detoxifying process in animals.
When using Dynavyte there is generally no need to use other forms of nutritional supplements.
Dynavyte is available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 litre containers
The average cost of a 30ml dose from a 20 litre container is $0.34 cents which is very good value for money.
Dosage for a larger animal (over 500kg) is 40ml daily
Dynavyte does not contain any prohibitive substances 


Available Sizes: 1 Litre, 5 litres, 10 Litres

(Larger Sizes Available on request)

Dynavyte NZ

Dynavyte NZ
NZ $49.90 NZ $47.40 Save NZ $2.50 incl GST

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